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I’ll be starting slowly but I plan to try and keep adding tutorials and other informational articles here over the next couple years (at least) to get a feel for it as a long term commitment / hobby. In the process, my main goals are to improve my skills not only with WordPress, but just with technical documentation in general. Whether working as a consultant and producing documents for clients, or in an operations (or DevOps) role where the current state of the environment requires constant documentation updates, finding a groove with the ability to get information out and presented in a form for others’ consumption is a major asset.
My technical background is deeply rooted in Microsoft Exchange, and by nature, many of the other Microsoft products and technologies that surround it. This includes Active Directory, Office 365, Azure/Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Office, to name a few. Throughout my career in IT so far, I’ve found a lot of satisfaction in working with the everyday tools of my trade; from Microsoft Office apps (Excel/Word/PowerPoint/Visio/Outlook), to text editors (Notepad++, Visual Studio Code!), PowerShell, the list goes on. There are a lot of incredibly handy tools available and it keeps getting better with time. Sort of like the landscape of IT. With the dawn of cloud computing, but more specifically for me, Office 365, everything has been changing at a pace that, for a while, felt out of control and uncomfortable, but now seems like a contemporary norm that keeps not only IT, but just anything computer-related, fresh and interesting.
Another area that has been a nice game-changer for my career in the recent years, is Microsoft’s centralization of their various documentation websites to https://docs.microsoft.com. Not only is the content getting organized in a superior way, but with the integration to GitHub, you can now take part and suggest edits to the documentation, or point out errors, giving everyone a chance to improve the experience even further.
To try and wrap this up without tangenting, I’ll say that there is a lot to be excited about right now as a tech / Microsoft enthusiast. This is the case both with the major products themselves, but also with all of the tools and software that go along with using them. I hope to highlight product features that I find interesting, or which can handle another take on explaining them. I also plan to take time to share my own take on some of the smaller things, like my personal workflow with a given tool or set of tools. Along the way I’m excited to hear feedback and suggestions from others!